Theory of Change

We champion public health philanthropy, collaborating with local & tribal health departments, private enterprise, and other nonprofits to secure the health and safety of hundreds of millions of Americans.

Improving the public's health in ways that meets the needs of all communities across the country requires investment and commitment from the public and private sectors, local engagement, and participation, and increased public awareness. Together, with our parent organization, the National Association of County and City Health Officials (NACCHO), The Foundation for the Public's Health works across three key areas that are critical to improving the delivery of America's local public health services.

Our role

Prepare Communities for Challenges

We identify public health concerns, build coalitions, and launch campaigns that organize people and resources for comprehensive, integrated projects. By working together we create long-lasting impact on communities around the country.

Mobilize Sustainable Funding

We prepare public health organizations to enlist new supporters and deepen their understanding of key opportunities. Local backing is essential for sustainability, which means that organizations must learn to build and steward meaningful philanthropic relationships.

Raise the Profile of Public Health

Public health has worked behind the scenes for generations, but that approach is no longer feasible. We combine clear evidence with compelling storytelling to show how public health programs protect and support our nation's vital interests.