Your Interest

Everyone is affected by something public health addresses. Whatever your interest, we can connect you to the right opportunity.

Public health is the umbrella under which we find all the vital interests of our society—from access to clean food and water, to infrastructure safety, to disease prevention—it is all public health. You are here because you want to make a difference in the world and improve the living conditions of your community. We know how difficult it can be to engage with the issues you care most about. The Foundation offers the best way to connect your passion to the experts who can channel your resources into the communities in need.

Whatever your interest, we can find you the right opportunity. The Foundation continues to expand its network of public health entities throughout the nation. These organizations cover a breadth of areas and serve diverse populations. With some help from The Foundation, you will find the organization, community, or topic that best suits your passion.

Whether you’re a crusader against tobacco use in your hometown, or an advocate of physical fitness for senior citizens, or a champion of dental hygiene among low-income children, The Foundation wants to help you reach the programs affecting what matters to you.